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Creating a team is simple

Conquering NF takes a team. Good things happen when we come together. Great things happen when we do it covered in blue and green coloured powder.Register now 

Tumours should never be a child’s normal. 


When you chalk it up for NF with a team, you’ll be help us to empower individuals and families impacted by NF with the knowledge, connections and support needed at every stage of their journey, working to improve life outcomes.

Chalk it up for the child born every 3 days with NF in Australia
Chalk it up for the 1 in 5 children with NF who will develop a brain tumour
Chalk it up for the kids or adults who will lose their hearing or sight this year
Chalk it up for the kids who can’t run, walk or play like other children
Chalk it up for those who have lost loved ones to this condition
Do it now, and let’s start a conversation about NF

Chalk it up for the one you love – with your team


Pick a distance, set team and individual fundraising targets, and encourage your friends and colleagues to join you.


Make your first donation to get discount code for onsport.com.au and raise $200 to start unlocking some great prizes.


Remember, by doing this you will be helping to make the lives of children and adults living with tumours better.

Why create a team?

  1. Because it’s FUN to run with your friends!
  2. It’s a terrific bonding experience for your friends, family and work mates, sparking some friendly competition for a good cause.
  3. When you work as a team, you increase the number of potential supporters and then more money is raised to help conquer NF.
  4. Keep each other motivated as you crush those kms.

Want some tips to keep your team motivated?

Set a team goal and aim high!

This will motivate your team members to set their individual goals higher to help reach that overall goal.

Don’t forget to ASK for donations

Asking everyone on your team to fundraise will guarantee a successful colour run team!

Encourage your team members to ASK

Tell them to ask everyone they know for a donation. You can’t get what you don’t ask for!

Keep team members motivated and excited

Send weekly emails with fundraising tips, success stories, and shout outs to the highest fundraiser for the week. Post team shoutouts on social media and include a special mention to those who are working extra hard to raise money.

Check-in on your team members.

Are they having fun fundraising? Maybe they're in the running for Top Fundraiser so encourage them to increase their fundraising goal! Ask them if they need support.

Praise your team members

Let your team members know that they play an important role in not only the success of your team, but as a whole in helping to conquer NF.

What are you waiting for?

Join the fun already and let’s crush some kms in spectacular style. 

Life’s an event, let’s colour it blue and green.

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