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Volunteer with us

The Children’s Tumour Foundation is looking for lots of volunteers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to help bring this colourful event to life!

Job descriptions

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals, sporting and corporate teams, or someone looking for work experience in the event space to get their hands dirty, literally.

Colour Artists

These volunteers literally bring colour to the event. With hundreds of kilos of colour powder to distribute, the aim is to turn every participant blue and green!

Course Marshals

Course marshals are placed on the extended run route to keep our runners safe and on course as they conduct their loop(s) around the venue. Hold up signs, cheer and chillax without fear of being chalked!

The Soakers

Ever played with super soakers? You get the picture. 

A little water helps the powder stick and can be a welcome relief on a hot spring day!


You are the welcome committee. The first point of contact for participants as they arrive, handing out gear to pre-registered runners and giving some direction on what to expect from the day.


The Salespeople of the event. Sell as much merchandise as you can. This is a valuable revenue stream for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and the event.

Register to volunteer

We can guarantee an action-packed day, so if you are interested in volunteering for the event, we’d love to hear from you.